Importance of taking preventive measures for the safety

Many people stop to think about maintaining air conditioning when there is an apparent problem such as stench, leakage or difficulty in cooling. But know that performing preventative maintenance will prevent problems from occurring and can save you money with a repair that could be avoided.

Why is maintenance important?

As with any equipment, air conditioners also need care for proper operation. In addition to filter cleaning, which is already known and practiced by a good public, we must also check other items of air conditioning, such as drainage system, insulation between internal and external unit, coils, capacitors, electrical cable contacts, coolant, fan set, among others. To opt for Air conditioning repairs Geelong, you can always take the help of the internet.

Who can perform preventive maintenance?

You can perform some preventive maintenance items such as cleaning the internal and external units, replacing batteries, and cleaning the filters. If you do not know how to clean the filters click here and check out our post with the step by step how to perform the cleaning properly.The presence of the accredited technician is also important because they are able to perform all necessary checks that ensure the proper functioning of the air conditioning. In addition, it is necessary to open the internal and external units to perform maintenance, and if this is done by an unaccredited professional the warranty of the appliance may be lost.

How often should I perform preventive maintenance?

The more frequent the use of air conditioning, the more frequent the maintenance should be done. Therefore, see the following table for the period indicated for each item checked in preventive maintenance. Doing preventive maintenance avoids problems and prolongs the life of your air conditioner. Do not forget to request maintenance for an accredited technician, click here to find the technician in your city.

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